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Group News


Dr. Julia S. Kirpich Graduation Celebration Dinner (10/16/19)


Dr. Julia S. Kirpich Dissertation Filing! (8/27/19)



Dr. Jack Fuzell dissertation filing! (12/06/18).


Dr. L. Tyler Mix dissertation filing and celebration lunch! (9/24/18)


Dr. L. Tyler Mix Graduation Party! (06/1/2018)


Left to Right: Julia Kirpich, Dr. L. Tyler Mix, Adam Jenkins, Dr. Delmar Larsen:



New Group Member: Adam J. Jenkins (Chemistry) 

Ziliang Mao received his PhD and starts a Postdoctoral Research position at UC Merced 


Jessica Gregory transferred to the Jue Lab.

Ziliang Mao (Cramer Lab) started working in the lab as a dual student

Sept. 1: Elizabeth Carroll takes up Assistant Professor position at Technical University of Deft.

Sept. 1: Sean Gottlieb takes up Assistant Professor position at Southeast Missouri State University.


New Group Member: Jessica Gregory (Biophysics) 

Sept. 1: Che-Wei Chang received his PhD Chemistry and moves on to be a Postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis Medical Center.


New Group Members: L. Tyler Mix (Chemistry), Julia S. Kirpich (Biophysics)

July. 1: Peter Kim graduates and move to the bay area as a Postdoctoral researcher.


Larsen lab potluck/farewell on 5/19/2010


  • Beth is now a YouTube star, where she is presenting the experiment setup from her recent RSI paper.
  • Congratulations to Lucy Freer for winning 2nd prize at the 2009 Larock Undergraduate Research conference for her presentation entitled "Ultrafast spectroscopy and the blue/green light activated cyanobacteriochrome Tlr0924" !  Kudos also to undergraduates Matt Barkovich and Lu Zhao for delivering excellent presentations.


  • Congratulations to Melissa Hill for successfully completing  her 3rd year Seminar.


  • Congratulations to Kostia Malley for winning 4th prize at the 2008 Larock Undergraduate Research conference for his presentation entitled "Chromophore dynamics in retinal Schiff bases and novel rhodopsin mimics characterized by ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy" !